Defecation postures #SquattyPotty

With the release of this “behind-the-scenes”-video of the #SquattyPotty-commercial, it’s probably safe to call this the BEST COMMERCIAL EVER. On WASH products, at least.

And here’s the result:

What I really like about the SquattyPotty and similar products is that it helps to combine both squatting vs. sitting worlds which we’ve covered here on the forum of the Sustainable Sanitation Alliance a few years ago. Toilet cultures may differ around the world, but if a cute unicorn muppet and poop = ice cream help in conveying the message of healthier defecation, then I am instantly sold for such a product.

Now, where do I get this SquattyPotty here in Germany? Edit: found a similar solution.

(When this video hit the interwebz a month ago, some of my friends instantly asked me via FB where they could buy this product. Unicorns, man. Works.)

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