Teaching with Compendium Cards

In an update to the wonderful “Compendium of Sanitation Systems and Technologies“, Christian Zurbrügg of Eawag/Sandec today informed us of Compendium Cards which are now available in English, French and Spanish:


“Each card corresponds to the one of technologies listed in the Compendium and can be printed out in a large format for group work, presentations or games. (…) By printing out each technology on a coloured card, you can build a colour-coded set of technologies to visualize, build and modify sanitation systems. Laminated cards made of heavy coloured paper can be used for games, taped to walls or held by group members as they select and link technologies into a feasible system.”


New sanitation planning tools in IYS 2008

The call for better planning and long-term sustainability in sanitation projects is understandable considering still 2.5 billion people unserved with improved sanitation (and probably the same amount with non-sustainable sanitation). The UN International Year of Sanitation 2008 is chosen by several initiatives as the most appropriate time for publishing new guidelines and planning tools for sanitation.

SuSanA fact sheet "Planning for sustainable sanitation"The new fact sheet of the SuSanA working group “Sustainable Sanitation for cities and planning” summarizes the 3 most important planning documents: Sanitation 21 (IWA), HCES – Household Centred Environmental Sanitation (WSSCC/Eawag-Sandec) and SSA – Strategic Sanitation Approach (WSP). The fact sheet can be downloaded here: http://www.susana.org/images/documents/05-working-groups/wg06/final-docs/en-susana-factsheet-WG06-planning-version-1.1.pdf.

The Austrian Development Agency (ADA) in cooperation with the EcoSan Club has published a brochure on planning principles “Solutions in Sanitation – Planning Principles”. The publication is available as download: http://www.entwicklung.at/en/service/publikationen/folder-und-broschueren.html. That link offers also the possibility to order hard copies.

Furthermore NETSSAF also published a participatory planning tool which was distributed at the final conference of the network “Pathways towards Sustainable Sanitation in Africa” in September 2008 in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso. It will be available soon at the webpage of the network.