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yours truly at ISH Frankfurt

Next to writing about water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) topics since 2007, I also freelance in IT consulting for various local and international clients.

I am the guy people call when they have an IT problem – be it the installation of software, setting up blogs or newsletters, compiling and editing content for online publications, social media, or even fixing complicated hardware.

My background is an engineering degree in water and soil management, with a special focus on closing-the-loops concepts (cradle to cradle, circular economy in water, sanitation & hygiene), and I am really passionate about WASH topics and e.g. how users interact with or value proper sanitation facilities. I believe that access to proper sanitation is a basic human right, but that people need to invest in it and regard it as a necessity that won’t come for free. There will always be someone in charge of keeping things clean and useable, and ideally that person is everyone. The beauty about this toilet topic is that we are all experts! And while the engineer has a technical and administrative point of view (~waste water, handling, processing, legal), the typical user only wants to solve his urgent problem and opts for the comfortable option.

water, sanitation & IT project management

Toilets and IT, what a wonderful combination, right? The truth of course is that no one really wants to talk about toilets / WASH in general for 24/7, so blogging or compiling scientific papers on this topic alone doesn’t pay my rent. Which is why I also use this platform ( as a hub for my consulting business. Sounds odd, but “I am the toilet guy who will fix your IT problems” is way better than “I am an IT consultant”, because in the end it’s all about storytelling. And I am good at that!

My range of services includes:

  • general IT consulting
  • general WASH consulting
  • technical project management
  • technical and editorial implementation of newsletters, blogs, websites
  • community- & knowledge management
  • social media for various topics and channels
  • advertisment on FB
  • translations (EN => DE)
  • specialist author
  • hardware maintenance and repairs
  • network administration
  • IT support

So to sum it up, I do a lot of different things that keep me busy and active in various sectors. Anything that broadens my mind and helps you fix your problem(s) is interesting to me.
I am happy to assist you and encourage you to give me a call!

I am fluent in German and English, but will also be able to understand your French, Spanish, or Kiswahili.

I am currently based in Frankfurt, Germany and available for hire. To contact me, just drop me an email via my contact form or call me @ +49-69-17320675.

Thank You!

Juergen Eichholz | water, sanitation, IT & knowledge management
T +49-69-17320675