Good Dignity Practices for Gross Domestic Product

Good Dignity Practices for Gross Domestic Product, or “GDP for GDP”, is a new WSSCC Global WASH Campaign that tries to help in advocating for sanitation and hygiene investments by providing us (the campaigners) with tools such as the following poster:

Any actions taken to improve sanitation and hygiene – from building a toilet to teaching children to wash their hands with soap – are Good Dignity Practices. These bring economic benefits and improve dignity. Find out how you can become involved in GDP for GDP and help turn shit into gold.”

To find out more about this campaign and why the Water Supply & Sanitation Collaborative Council (WSSCC) decided to come up with this one (after a very successful in 2001), please head over to the campaign’s website and have a look at this brilliant campaign material!

Inform. Engage. Enable. @

The Water Supply & Sanitation Collaboration Council (WSSCC) relaunched their website (today) and I’ve just renewed my membership with them because it’s an active and focussed network of people who understand the need for an improved & sustainable water supply, sanitation and hygiene in this world.

wsscc screenshot

Site highlights include:

  • Cutting-edge information on 30+ WASH-related topics
  • Details on WSSCC’s in-country work through its coalitions and the Global Sanitation Fund
  • User-contributed sanitation, hygiene and water supply success stories
  • A powerful, contextual search engine and access to our experts
  • Member’s-only area with discussion forums, key documents and networking/search functions
  • Online advocacy resources
  • Publications and other resources in English, French and Spanish

If you’re active in this sector and feel like contributing, I encourage you to register with them and participate on this global platform. Thank you & see you there!

Oh, and more content in Spanish and French will be made available in Q1 of 2011.