use a toilet and get paid

Have you ever used a toilet and got paid afterwards?

A Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) in India has just claimed to be doing this. From January 15th 2008 onwards, users of a local toilet system based on ecological sanitation (ecosan) principles will be paid the sum of 10 paise* for each visit.


By doing this, the Society for Community Organization and Peoples Education (SCOPE) wants to create an awareness for the value of human waste: “urine and faeces are so rich in nutrients for farm production that they are worth buying”.

The first Ecosan Community Compost Toilet in the country in Saliyar Street is functioning for the past 18 months. Every fortnight on an average 250 liters of urine is collected, the same is used for farming purposes. Already the Tamilnadu Agricultural University is studying the use of urine as liquid fertilizer for the past one year, under an MoU signed by SCOPE with the University. WASTE of Netherlands has funded, Rs. 4 lakhs for the two-year research project. (src)

Apparently, this really is the first time anywhere in the world that toilet users are being paid. What a smart approach!

* 100 paise = 1 Indian rupee = 0,01774 EUR

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4 thoughts on “use a toilet and get paid”

  1. Good idea. But how are you maintaining the records, as 10 paisa coins are non existant. Do you pay a household or individual on a daily basis?

    1. Is this toilet still working? What are its’ revenue and costs? Manab Chakraborty. email manabc@

  2. @ Trinanjan Chakraborty:

    The amount is paid to every family once in a month on the basis of a user card given to each member of the family.

    The card is marked twice a day (morning and evening) when they use the toilets.

    If any one uses the toilet more than two times a day they will be allowed to use the toilet .
    But will be advised to consult the doctor.

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