Ten steps to stop open defecation

WaterAid, an international charity organisation, recently launched a 3D animated film illustrating the disease burden that comes with open defecation, and what communities in Bangladesh are doing to address the issue:

The short film outlines the problems caused by open defecation and specifies ten steps that communities can take to achieve “open defecation free status”, leading to a reduction in disease.


Author: jke

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2 thoughts on “Ten steps to stop open defecation”

  1. Not sure if you are aware that Kalyani Municipality near Kolkata in West Bengal has been declared total defecation free Municipality in West Bengal.

    It is a great achievement for the Municipality, especially the Municipal Chairman.

  2. This can be used as tool for awareness,especially in North Indian villages.Please send such informative videos if you have for awareness at grass root level.

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