Ten steps to stop open defecation

WaterAid, an international charity organisation, recently launched a 3D animated film illustrating the disease burden that comes with open defecation, and what communities in Bangladesh are doing to address the issue:

The short film outlines the problems caused by open defecation and specifies ten steps that communities can take to achieve “open defecation free status”, leading to a reduction in disease.


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  1. Not sure f you are aware that Kalyan Muncpalty near Kolkata n West Bengal has been declared total defecaton free Muncpalty n West Bengal.

    It s a great achevement for the Muncpalty, especally the Muncpal Charman.

  2. Ths can be used as tool for awareness,especally n North Indan vllages.Please send such nformatve vdeos f you have for awareness at grass root level.

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